Toyger Art

Toyger Art

This is the art portfolio of Zuno Vågshaug.


Illustrator and hobby photographer. 




What you'll find on this site:


About me - personal information about me, my art, and my tools

Digital, Traditional, Graphic Design, 3D, Photo, Stock and Final Major Project - samples of my work in various mediums




But why Toyger?


I often draw illustrations for children, and cats are my favorite subject, so the combination of "toy" and "tiger" seemed very catchy.


In a way, it's the name that represents me, and has become my user name on major art sites like and Toyger has becomemy artist name.



Zuno? That's an unusual name.


Zuno is a name I made up myself in my teens, and have later officially adapted as my real name.



Want to see more?


My personal favorites can be found here on this site.

To see more of my art go to my DeviantArt account Toyger:


The link is directly to the gallery. It displays my more popular art. 

My Main Art Mediums