Digital Art

Digital Art

I first started working with digital art in 2003. Although I had never drawn digitally before then, and had no guides to help me, I was very happy with the results I was able to get. I loved it immediately, and have ever since.

While I work mostly in Adobe Photoshop, I've also been using a free program called Open Canvas. It has brush and blending control I miss in Photoshop. Lately I've also been exploring iPad art programs, but mostly used them for sketching.

Want to see more?

My personal favorites can be found here on this site.

To see more of my art go to my DeviantArt account Toyger:

The link is directly to the gallery. It displays my more popular art. But 3/4 of my art is in the scrapbook, along with scetches and wip's.

My Main Art Mediums